Celebrity Magazine January 2020 | Page 2

4 Ways Actors Can Find Work on Their Own

1. Reach out to art and creative directors at advertising agencies.

The creative director is the person who creates the concept for an ad campaign. This could be for a TV commercial, commercial modeling project, or voiceover job. The art director will create the “layout” or storyboard for the commercial modeling job or TV spot. This allows the client to actually see what the ad will look like. Sometimes the art and creative director make final decisions or have strong input as to which actor or model is hired for the project. You can do online research to find them in your area.

2. Connect with casting directors.

Introduce yourself to local casting directors by sending them information about your latest project and complimentary tickets to see you in a play. Tickets will only be helpful if you have a role that really shows off your acting skills. But if you’re not currently in a production, you can still send the casting director your headshot, résumé, and a short cover letter through the mail. Most people won’t open an unsolicited photo attached to an email. In your cover letter, make sure a small image of your headshot is included on your letterhead along with your contact information, so they can easily reach you. There’s no need to list the jobs you’ve done in the cover letter. They will see your credits on your résumé. Let them know something about you. Having a referral you can mention in your letter is always the best way to connect.

Research the casting director on IMDb or their website. Then you can let the casting director know about the types of projects you want to be considered for that are in line with their work experience.