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Special Promotional Section business to every courthouse in the area , but “ all of her plans were in her head .” The paralegal received help from a financial consultant to translate that vision into a concrete business plan through NxLevel Academy .
In light of its many successes , Juntos Sacramento had to overcome its fair share of obstacles . One major challenge was the limited time the SACHCC was given to recruit businesses . The CARES grant was released in late September and expired at the end of December , which didn ’ t give the organization much time to identify and sign up those businesses that needed assistance . The pandemic only aggravated the situation . “ A lot of people are not in their offices or they are working 24 hours a day just to survive and didn ’ t have time to talk to us ,” says Kendra Macias Reed , deputy director of the Franklin Boulevard Business District .
Chavez says that the lack of a business improvement district in the Northgate area also made it challenging to reach those business owners and gain their trust . She says , “ They were unsure of who we were and we had to convince them that we weren ’ t selling anything .”
Despite those hurdles , the SACHCC was able to provide assistance to approximately 260 businesses through their Juntos Sacramento programming and partnerships as of Dec . 11 . Though the grant expired at the end of the year , Chavez hopes to be able to find other funding sources in 2021 to continue to provide critical outreach and resources . “ To be successful , the outreach can ’ t be a one-time visit because you need to develop a relationship ...( to ) see the long-term benefit ,” Chavez says . “ There ’ s a family behind each one of these small businesses and we just want them to survive .”
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A cohort of NxLevel Academy meets on Zoom to learn how to level up their businesses .
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Macias Consulting Group , Inc . was established in 1992 . The year-ended 2014 , Ken Macias left his former firm , Macias Gini & O ’ Connell LLP ( MGO ), to dedicate his industry mastery to Macias Consulting Group fulltime . Under Ken ’ s leadership , Macias , Gini & O ’ Connell LLP became a top 80 CPA firm and the largest Hispanic-owned accounting firm in the United States . Ken continues to serve as a highly-regarded and trusted leader in the accounting industry , is a former member of the AICPA Board of Directors , current member of both the California and U . S . Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and former board chair of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce .
Congratulations Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for 50 years of community service !
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