Celebrate Learning! Spring 2012 (Volume 3, Issue 2)

Office of Academic Affairs Metro Writing Center Inside this issue: Metro Writing Center 1 Volume #, Issue 2 Volume 3, # by Dr. Deanna Cooper 1 Changes to Criteria for Accreditation Spring 2012 Month Year PTK 1 Congratulations! Wavebreak 2 Teaching Squares 3 Academic Technology Sub-Council Pursuing Planning 3 The creation and implementation of the Metro Writing Program in the summer of 2011 has, in part, led to a heavy expansion of the capacity of the Metro Writing Center, which became a key function of the Metro Writing Program (MWP) in the Metro Communications Division. Other factors include the steady increases in enrollment in developmental reading and writing courses, as well as the proliferation of the Academic Strategies course. One of MWP’s efforts has been to increase the number of full-time faculty members and part-time instructors in all divisions who encourage or require students to use the Writing Center as a path to significantly improve skills in critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing. As a result of these efforts and increasing enrollments, the Metro Writing Center provided 885 one-on-one tutoring appointments to TCC students during the Fall 2011 semester. This is an increase of 24 percent from the Fall 2010 semester and an increase of 58 percent from the Fall 2003 semester (the earliest fall semester for which this data is available). This does not include the increasing numbers of workshops and classroom orientations, which provide additional support not only to students but also to faculty members and instructors in all divisions and disciplines. Changes…. by Dr. Donna Wood Award Winning 4 Phi Beta Lambda Fifth Year for Achieving the Dream 5 Congratulations! 6 The criteria for accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission is located at this website: New Criteria for Accreditation We now need to establish evidence that we are meeting these criteria. This “living” repository is described at the above website with examples of evidence. Congratulations! by Lance Phillips Announcement 6 How Engaged are TCC’s Students? 7 The Beta Theta Epsilon Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of Two Year Colleges, from Tulsa Community College’s West Campus, is proud to have as its President for the 2012-2013 academic year Mr. Maurice Williams McKnight. Maurice also serves as the Regional Vice President for the Oklahoma/Arkansas region, and aspires to become an international officer in the society. Maurice is currently working toward an associate degree in business marketing and plans to pursue an MBA. Congratulations, Maurice!