Celebrate Learning! Fall 2012 (Volume 4, Issue 1)

Newsletter Title The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching T h e C en t er fo r i n L ear n i n g an d T e ach i n g (CELT) Newsletter Date Fall 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1 Volume 4, Issue 1 Lead Story Headline Inside this issue: Inside this issue: Inside Story TCC Institutionalizes Achieving the Dream 2 Achieving the Dream 2 1 Inside Story Achieving the Dream 2 Lead Team Roster 2 Inside Story Humanities Faculty to 2 3 Inside Present Story Distance Learning Inside Story Quality Matters Course Reviews 3 4 Inside Story CELT Activities at the 5 3 Northeast Campus Inside Story Faculty Development 6 3 Activities CELT Mini Conference 4 Agenda Special points of interLRCs est: are now 4 Libraries Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Congratulations!!!! 5  Briefly highlight Academic Affairs your point 6 of interest here. Updates   Briefly highlight your point  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Academic Assessment 7 of interest here. and Student Voices This story can fit 175-225 words. by Margaret E. Lee, Th.D. The purpose of a newsletter is to provide speHaving completed our to a targeted commitment cialized information initial 5-year audience. to Newsletters can be a greathas institutionalized Achieving the Dream, TCC way to market the Achieving the Dream modelalsoaction reyour product or service, and of create credisearch and analysis to increase student success. bility and build awareness of you and the “Institutionalization” is TCC’s shorthand for a services you provide. large, coordinated effort to incorporate Achiev- ing the Dream intothe audience of the newsletter. First, determine TCC’s leadership structure and operationalanyone who might benefit from This could be processes. Leadership of Achieving the Dream at TCC has shifted over the the information it contains. For example, curpast five years to accommodate changing sturent clients, prospects, institutional processes. dent needs and evolving fellow realtors, brokers, Caption describing members of organizations colleagues, and picture or graphic. Now, a unified organizational structure with that you belong to. clearly-defined roles and a documented decision-making process will guide this crucial enYou can assemble a mailing list from business deavor aimed especially toward the success of cards of color at low houses, or you might students collectedandopenincome students. consider purchasing a mailing list from a company. A new Lead Team directs Achieving the Dream at TCC with four team leaders at the helm, inIf you explore the Publisher catalog, you will cluding a faculty leader, Dean of University find many Workforce that match the style of Transfer and publications Development Programs, your newsletter. the Director of Planning and Institutional Research, and the Associate Vice President for you Next, establish how much time and money Academic Affairs. The Lead Team consists of all can spend on your newsletter. These factors intervention team leaders, a data consultant will help determine how frequently you publish from Planning and Institutional Research, the the newsletter and its TCC’s It is recommendFaculty Coordinator for length.new Center for ed that in publish and newsletter at Dean ExcellenceyouLearning your Teaching, the least of quarterly so that it is considered a consistent Academic Assessment, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, and a communications officer. A full Lead Team roster follows. source of information. Your clients and prospects will look forward to its arrival. the Dream at TCC, develop an application process for new interventions, develop an exit plan for existing interventions and define the benefits of participating in Achieving the Dream at TCC. The Budget and Sarah Stecher, 2012-13 Faculty Finance ComLeader, Achieving the Dream mittee, chaired by Kevin Clayton, will develop an application and review process to request funds for Achieving the Dream interventions and identify other sources of funding for Achieving the Dream interventions. Interventions now in place at TCC include Academic Strategies, the African American Male Student Success Team, Course Redesign for Beginning Algebra, New Student Orientation, and MathPath. Full descriptions and data showing recent intervention results are available on TCC’s Achieving the Dream web site at http:// www.tulsacc.edu/about-tcc/achieving-dream. With a clear and comprehensive structure in place, Achieving the Dream is poised to chart Lead Team leaders chair three committees new gains in student success in 2012-2013. charged with responsibility for sustainable lead“Success” in Achieving the Dream is “defined by ership,story can fit 75-125 the draw This strategic planning, and budget and fi- story and rates at which students successfully complete tents of the nance. All members of the Lead team serve on the story. Devel- developmental instruction and adremedial or words. readers into one committee. This year, the Sustainable Leadvance to credit-bearing courses, enroll in and op the headline before you Your headline an important ership Committeeiswill develop a plan for addsuccessfully complete the initial college-level or write the story. This way, the ing an additional facultyand gateway courses in subjects such as math and part of the newsletter leader, create a proheadline will you keep cess for sustainable leadership and leadership help English, complete the courses they take with a should be considered carefulthe story Examples succession in Achieving the Dream, develop a focused. grade of "C" or better, persistence from one ly. of possible system for knowledge transfer and write job headlines include next, [and] attain a certificate or term to the In a few for Achieving acdescriptionswords, it shouldthe DreamS elling Your Home and New roles. Sadegree” (http://www.achievingthedream.org/ rah Stecherrepresent the congoal). curately chairs this committee. The Strategic Near You. Office Opens Planning Committee, chaired by Kevin David, will construct a mission statement for Achieving (Continued on page 2) Secondary Story Headline