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THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW… Legal Requirements Immigration Requirements In order to be married or form a civil partnership there are a number of legal requirements which must be observed. These requirements will vary dependent on where the marriage or civil partnership is to take place. Where neither party is subject to immigration control: Each party to the marriage or civil partnership should arrange to give notice to the registration service for the district in which they live. It is vital that one of the first decisions which you should make is where the ceremony will take place, as the place of marriage will determine under which piece of legislation the marriage or civil partnership will fit, if any. Where one party or both parties are subject to immigration control: Both parties must attend together at a ‘Designated’ Register Office (full list available at www.gov.uk.) Preliminaries for civil marriage and civil partnership are similar, they require the couple to ‘give notice’ (the civil equivalent of Banns for a Church of England ceremony). Under normal circumstances notice can only be given 12 months before the date of the ceremony. After notice has been given you must wait a minimum of 28 days. ations When giving notice each party must provide evidence of the following: Name • Age • Nationality • Address In most cases a current passport is the documentary evidence required to provide evidence of Name, Age and Nationality. Other documents are acceptable but the list is very prescriptive. Please check registrars web pages on the Council’s website www.shropshire.gov.uk for a full list of acceptable documentary evidence. Your Marital Status Residency If either party have previously been married or in a civil partnership, it is necessary to provide evidence of the marriage or civil partnership ending either by death, divorce, dissolution or decree of nullity. You will be asked to provide evidence to show that you have lived at your current address for more than 7 days. Death of former spouse – Produce a certified copy of the death certificate Divorce – Produce a decree absolute bearing the original seal of the court (a coloured stamp) Decree of Nullity – Produce the document issued by the court bearing its original seal (a coloured stamp) Dissolution - (Civil Partnerships) - Produce the Dissolution document bearing the original seal of the issuing court (a coloured stamp). If your divorce or dissolution was granted outside of the UK you will be required to pay a non-refundable statutory fee for the consideration of the validity of the document. If any of these documents is not in English you will need to provide a translation of the document, the translation should be done by a third party and should include the full name, address and contact details of the translator. Please ensure that all official stamps are translated also. This can be either: A utility bill (Gas, Electric, Water, Broadband only) dated within the 3 months prior to your appointment Your most recent Council Tax bill, dated within the 12 months prior to your appointment A bank statement, dated within a month of your appointment – Please note statements produced via online banking must be stamped with the branch stamp to validate them. This list is not exhaustive and requirements may change, please check the registrars web pages on the Council’s website www.shropshire.gov.uk. 6