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Naming Ceremonies Our naming ceremonies are warm and happy occasions, unique to individual families. A civil naming ceremony provides the perfect opportunity for a child or new born to be welcomed into a family. This ceremony can be used by step-families or for adopted children. The idea is to mark a rite of passage of the parents and the child, to acknowledge a change in responsibilities for new parents, and to give grandparents and other adults or siblings the opportunity to pledge their support to all. Most of all they are A naming ceremony is not a religious ceremony and like a christening has no legal standing. The naming ceremony can include readings, music, promises by parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers and other adults who will play important roles in the life of the child. It is truly a family occasion. Shown below is the usual format of a naming ceremony, although this format can be changed to suit: Opening words Reading Naming of the child Parents promises to the child Promises of chosen adults Promises of Grandparents Signing of the Ceremony record Presentation of the certificate Closing words Some popular readings used at naming ceremonies can be found on page 15 to assist you in making your selections. 3 Ceremonies can be held at any of the ceremony rooms around the county and in any of the approved venues, it may be possible to hold them in other venues subject to an appropriate risk assessment. This may incur an additional cost. & warm Coming soon Our online service will allow you to book and manage your ceremony. BOOK ONLINE www.shropshire.gov.uk