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FAQ What if I make a mistake with my words in the ceremony or start to laugh or cry? What about my signature when I sign the register, do I use my new one? The answer is a big fat NO. Use your normal signature in the name in which you are marrying or having a civil partnership, there is plenty of time after your ceremony to change your signature for your other business. Can we have a ceremony in our back garden? The law requires that a legal marriage or civil partnership has to take place in a building licensed by the local authority for that purpose. In Shropshire our licenses last for 3 years and temporary licenses are not issued. There is nothing to stop you from having your legal ceremony and then having a celebratory ceremony like a renewal of vows at a venue which is not licensed for marriage or civil partnership. Can I change my name on my passport before the ceremony? Please do not worry about any of these scenarios. Registrars are well practised, they are not there to make you feel embarrassed or look foolish, in the event that you forget your words, they will remind you, as for laughing or crying, your guests and sometimes your Registrar will probably join in!! Yes, you can apply to change your name on your passport up to 3 months prior to the date of your ceremony. You will need a form PD2 which you can get from your post office or which you can download from www.gov.uk. Once you have this form please follow the instructions. You will need to submit it to the Superintendent Registrar who will be conducting the ceremony for completion. Please remember that you will need to be certain that your passport has the name on it in which your holiday arrangements have been made, if they are different you may be refused the right to board an aircraft or refused entry into another country. Can we write our own vows? Can we write our own ceremony? There are certain words which have to be spoken during your ceremony, but we have no problem with you writing your own additional words, you will however have to submit them for approval by the Superintendent Registrar. Don’t forget that you can’t have words which are normally used in religious ceremonies or have religious connotations. Yes, providing all of the prescribed elements are included, for help with this please contact the Superintendent Registrar. Can our guests sing a song as part of the ceremony? Yes, no problem as long as it is not a Hymn and it has been approved by the Superintendent Registrar beforehand as being suitable. 19 www.georginabalmerphotography.co.uk