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Arrival and Meeting the Registrar On the day of your marriage it is necessary for you both to be interviewed immediately before your ceremony by the Registrars to check that all of the personal information which will be recorded in your marriage record is correct. This interview can take place with you both together or we will see you separately, you will have indicated your preference when you have returned the ceremony planner information to us beforehand. It is extremely important that you and your guests arrive in plenty of time for the ceremony. It is very likely that your Registrars will have other ceremonies to attend on the same day as a result of which we are unable to delay the start of your ceremony. If your ceremony start time runs late and the Registrars are legitimately concerned that these delays may result in another couples ceremony running late, they have no option but to leave. To avoid any disappointment please ensure that you have allowed enough time to get ready and arrive at the venue calmly and promptly. The requirements of the Registrars override those of your photographer or videographer. On The Day Witnesses The law requires that you bring along at least two other people to act a