Celebrate in Shropshire Shropshire 2018 - Page 13

www.georginabalmerphotography.co.uk Reading (APPROVAL REQUIRED BY SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR) Contracting Words and Exchange of Rings And now, the solemn moment has come for these two persons to contract their marriage before you their guests and witnesses. Would you all please stand? Traditionally, a ring has been given as a symbol of love and as an outward sign of the promises you are making to each other. Who has the rings? (Person with rings steps forward and hands the ring to the Partner 1 to give to the Partner 2) To the Partner 1: Please take (Partner 2’s Name) ring and place it on the third finger of her left hand and repeat after me. TO BE REPEATED BY BOTH PARTNERS IN TURN AFTER THE REGISTRAR: Either: “I call upon these persons here present to witness that I (Name) do take thee (Name) to be my lawful wedded Wife/Husband” Or “I (Name) take you (Name) to be my wedded Wife/Husband” Or “I (Name) take thee (Name) to be my wedded Wife/Husband” Followed by the following vow or others you may have selected or written yourself (which need to be approved by the Superintendent Registrar): “I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage and I promise to care for you, to give you my love and friendship, support and comfort you and to respect and cherish you throughout our lives together”. Concluding Words (Partner 1’s Name) and (Partner 2’s Name) you have both made the declarations prescribed by law and have made a solemn and binding contract with each other in the presence of your guests and witnesses here assembled, and it gives me great pleasure to declare that you are now Husband and Wife/ Husband and Husband/Wife and Wife together. Music played for the signing of the Register (if required, subject to the approval of the Superintendent Registrar). Presentation of Certificates The Registrar will ask the couple to sign the Marriage Register, followed by the witnesses. Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please be upstanding for the (Couple’s Names) or Mr. and Mrs. (Last Name). Formal Exit 12