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Arrival It is very important for you and your guests to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than the time of your marriage or civil partnership. In some cases the Superintendent Registrar will advise you to attend earlier. This will allow you both to be seen (either together or separately) by the Registrar before the ceremony and for your guests to be seated. You may find it helpful to appoint an ‘usher’ who can liaise with the Registrar to co-ordinate this. It is important that you and your guests are on time, as the Registrar will have other weddings to attend on the same day. If you are unable to attend for any reason please telephone the Superintendent Registrar as soon as possible and confirm any cancellations in writing. Your Ceremony The staff at Liverpool Register Office do not simply see your ceremony as just another ‘legal affair’. Our experienced team guide over 1800 couples each year so that each have their own bespoke ceremony exactly as they have dreamed of. You will not only be offered a choice of legal vows but also a range of words to say to each other as you exchange your rings, you may also write your own vows if you prefer. Don’t worry about having to learn or remember the words, our registrars will lead you through them step by step. Other popular enhancements to ceremonies are readings, candle lighting or making family promises. Please visit our website for more information. Music is a very important part of each ceremony. At the Register Office at St George’s Hall we are able to offer you your own choice of music that we will arrange for you and the registrar will play on the day. Just tell us what you want and we will do the rest. If your ceremony is at an approved venue you would need to discuss your music requirements with your ceremony planner. How much does all this cost? It can be as little as £127 at the Register Office, St George’s Hall. Further details can be found at www.liverpoolregisteroffice.co.uk 6 www.weddingworldphotography.co.uk