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the essentials DON’T FORGET! You should book well in advance to secure the time and date you want.  Your ceremony cannot go ahead unless the legal formalities have been completed. Notice of intent to marry or register a civil partnership must be given in person by you and your partner. No one can give notice on your behalf and you cannot give notice by post, by telephone or online. Make sure you have the right documents with you when you attend the Register Office to give notice. We will tell you the correct documents to bring when you make your appointment to give notice. Please make a note of this. You are responsible for identifying two witnesses at your ceremony/registration. If either of the parties does not speak good English, one of the witnesses must also be able to act as interpreter. In order to sign the register, your witness must be able to understand English. For civil marriage or partnership the law will not permit the use of any wording, readings or music, which may have religious connotations. If you would like more freedom to plan your ceremony see our ‘Special Way Special Day’ celebration package, details are on page 15.  If you are having your ceremony at the Register Office please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time booked. Late arrival could result in the postponement of your ceremony. Only the attendance of a Superintendent Registrar, conducting the ceremony, and a Registrar, registering the marriage, or civil partnersip makes it legal in the eyes of the law. This brochure gives general information only. Please discuss your personal wishes and circumstances with us. 21 Main photo: www.philipantrobusphotography.co.uk Top photos: www.danielcharlesphotography.co.uk Bottom photo: www.weddingworldphotography.co.uk