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In This Issue
Six Reasons to Get Your Rug Cleaned
Potential Causes for Yellowing Rugs
Why Do White Knots in Oriental Rugs Occur ?
Clean As A Whistle ’ s New and Improved 8 Step Rug Cleaning System
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Six Reasons to Get Your Rugs Cleaned

Events- Experience proves that more rug cleaning is done especially around the holiday season , graduations or other special occasions because this creates an urgency that doesn ’ t exist otherwise .
Visible Soil- Whether it is a spot or a traffic area , it just becomes unsightly . Many times waiting until your rug is visibly soiled is waiting too late . Traffic area damage may have occurred , and spots may have become permanent .
Maintenance- This is one of the best reasons to get a cleaning service . By properly caring for your rugs , you will dramatically increase the useful life of your rug and it will look better all the time .
Health- This is also a great reason to clean , especially now during our times this should be a priority . As
your rug does its job as a “ sink ” or a “ filter ” it eventually becomes full . It is catching pollens , bacteria , insecticides , asphalt and many other contaminants that need to be cleaned out .
Problem Solving- Occasionally something happens to a textile that appears to be a defect , but can actually be corrected through professional cleaning . Usually carpet manufacturers will require your carpet to be serviced by a certified professional cleaning firm .
Odor Problems- Pet odors , cooking orders , and others make their way into carpets , rugs , fabrics and floors . Get a complete evaluation from our consultant .