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Apply Fabric Protector to Your Upholstery

After your fabric is cleaned , it will need to be protected .
Fabric protector keeps your fabric cleaner longer and helps avoid permanent staining . Don ’ t leave your fabric unprotected . The protector will be sprayed evenly onto the fabric and brushed in . Your next cleaning will be more effective as the protector will “ encapsule ” body oils and soils that accumulate on the fabric . When it is cleaned , more soil will be removed as a result of the treatment .
Treated Upholstery will :
• Last longer
• Look better longer
• Clean Easier
The fabric protection treatment is a spray applied to all surfaces of the upholstered item . The application “ wicks ” into the fibers of the fabric creating a protective barrier against soil and stains .
See which fabric protection we recommend below .
Fabric Protection Treatment :
• Has no smell after curing & is non-allergenic
• Does not change the look of the fabric
• Does not change the feel of the fabric

Our Premium Protector

Fiber Protector ®:

For the last 25 years Fiber ProTector ® has been used to protect some of the finest textiles in the world . Applied to the interiors of the most advanced corporate jets , to the most luxurious European hotels , Fiber ProTector ® has protected museum pieces and even Embassy and Heads of State textiles .
Fiber ProTector ® has been trusted to provide superior protection to the most discerning clientele in the world and does not affect the natural properties of the surfaces to which it is applied . Fiber ProTector ® uses advanced nano-technologies to preserve the beauty and cleanliness of textiles while maintaining its breathability , original color and texture . Our products can be applied to nearly any type of leather , fabric , carpet or rug .

Why Fiber Protector ®?

• Provides easy soil and stain release / removal !
• Prolongs the life of your upholstery and carpets by reducing the effects of damage causing wear !
• Provides an invisible shield against oil and waterbased stain causing liquids !
• Helps protect against UV sun-fading !
• Makes vacuuming much more effective which improves indoor air !
• Prevents the spread of unwanted bacteria and germs by creating a Bacteriostatic environment on the surface it is applied to !
• Improves professional deep cleaning , saving you time and money !
• Is an environmentally friendly product . Only protection product in the world to hold the EnviroSeal ® certification ! cleanasawhistlehouston . com info @ cleanasawhistlehouston . com