CC-160103303-2021-02-Code of Conduct Brochure-FIN - Page 8


Patient Care Standards

Patient Rights and Responsibilities
We consider our patients ’ families our partners in their child ’ s care . We encourage respect for the personal preferences and values of each individual . Patients and / or families have rights and responsibilities that are posted throughout the Children ’ s Colorado locations , on the intranet PPRR brochure - English ; PPRR brochure - Spanish , on childrenscolorado . org .
We respect the rights of patients , parents , and / or legally authorized representatives to make healthcare decisions . When clinical decisions are in conflict and a choice needs to be made , patients , families , and team members can request an ethics consultation with the Ethics Committee 24 / 7 via the hospital operator ( 720-777-1234 ) or OneCall ( 720-777-3999 ).
Admission , Transfer , Discharge / Non-Discrimination
We admit , transfer , and discharge patients based on medical appropriateness . We do not discriminate against patients or their visitors on the basis of age , race , ethnicity , national origin , ancestry , sex , creed , religion , pregnancy , disability ( mental and physical ), marital status , genetic information , gender expression , sexual orientation , veteran status , insurance status , ability to pay , or other protected classification to the extent required by relevant laws . ( Non-Discrimination of Patients )
Patient Safety
We commit to a culture of safety through our behaviors , initiatives , and programs . We strive to provide our patients , families , team members , visitors , and community with a safe environment in which to heal , work , and visit . We focus on the continuous enhancement of safety and improvement of patient care by the identification , analysis , and reduction of risks .
Informed Consent
We adhere to our General and Informed Consent policy that defines who can legally provide consent and outlines the informed consent process . Our policy provides clarification of procedures that require informed consent in compliance with Colorado Consent Law and other various regulatory and accrediting bodies . ( Consent : General and Informed )
Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act ( EMTALA )
EMTALA is a federal law that governs the treatment of all individuals and / or transfer of an individual who presents to a hospital that participates in federal and state healthcare programs , regardless of the individual ’ s insurance status or ability to pay .
EMTALA requires Children ’ s Colorado to conduct a Medical Screening Exam ( MSE ) on all patients who present to an Emergency Department to assess whether an Emergency Medical Condition ( EMC ) exists . EMTALA also applies if an individual presents anywhere on hospital property if the individual requests examination or treatment for an EMC , or if a prudent layperson observer would believe that the individual is suffering from an EMC . If a patient is determined to have an EMC , EMTALA requires Children ’ s Colorado to stabilize the patient and treat the EMC ( e . g ., a pregnant woman in labor or an adult experiencing a Code Blue event ). If Children ’ s Colorado is unable to stabilize a patient within its capability , or if the patient requests , an appropriate transfer to another facility will be implemented . ( EMTALA — Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act )