CC-160103303-2021-02-Code of Conduct Brochure-FIN | Page 7

Q . I have been asked to give a presentation on child wellness to a professional group on a day during my work time . They have offered me an honorarium . May I accept the honorarium ?
A . You may decline such payment or accept and submit it to Children ’ s Colorado since you are speaking during your regularly scheduled work hours . There are certain circumstances where you may be allowed to personally accept honoraria . Please contact Human Resources or CaBE in advance if you are considering personally accepting an honorarium .
Q . I work in our emergency department and I am considering starting a business selling resuscitative equipment over the Internet . Is this considered a conflict of interest ?
A . Your type of second employment may be a conflict of interest , and it is best to consult with CaBE and your manager for clarification before proceeding .
We have the right to work in an environment free of harassment and disruptive behavior . We do not tolerate conduct by any team member that harasses , disrupts , or interferes with another team member ’ s work performance or that creates an intimidating , offensive , or hostile work environment . ( Discrimination / Harassment , Harassment )
Alcohol and Drug-free Environment
We are committed to an alcohol and drug-free work environment to protect our patients and each other . Children ’ s Colorado prohibits the unlawful manufacture , distribution , dispensation , possession , and / or use of a controlled or illegal substance , or any other substance that causes impairment , while working and / or while present at any Children ’ s Colorado location . We recognize you may take prescription or over-the-counter drugs which could impair judgment or other skills required in job performance . However , you are expected to report to work in a fit condition to perform your duties . ( Drug and Alcohol , Practitioner Health )
Non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
We are committed to providing an equal employment opportunity environment . We must not discriminate against any individual based on age , race , ethnicity , national origin , ancestry , sex , creed , religion , pregnancy , disability ( mental and physical ), marital status , genetic information , gender expression , sexual orientation , veteran status , or any other protected classification to the extent required by applicable laws . ( Equal Opportunity Employment )
General Confidentiality
We recognize the need to maintain business and personnel information in the strictest confidence . If you have such information , you are expected to handle it in a manner to protect against improper access or use . We maintain confidentiality by only accessing information needed to do our jobs , keeping passwords private , and prohibiting unauthorized access and use of confidential information . ( Confidentiality )
Appropriate Workplace Conduct
We act in an appropriate , professional , and collaborative manner while working at and / or while representing Children ’ s Colorado . We focus on providing high-quality and compassionate care through expertise , service , and creativity .