CC-160103303-2021-02-Code of Conduct Brochure-FIN - Page 5



Ethics / Integrity
Everyone at Children ’ s Colorado recognizes the privilege and responsibilities that come with caring for a child ’ s health and well-being . We strive to provide high-quality and ethical care in all settings by following standards of care that are based upon the unique needs of our patients . We must maintain high ethical standards while operating in an environment of complex , ever-changing laws , regulations , accrediting standards and organizational policies .
We recognize that you may encounter uncertainty as you perform your duties on behalf of Children ’ s Colorado . Ethics and compliance must be an integral part of your decision-making process . We have adopted this Code of Conduct as a written statement outlining a broad spectrum of ethical practices that direct our daily operations . The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to establish a common understanding of the standards of behavior expected of all team members . Team members include : employees , credentialed medical staff members , residents , fellows , students , interns , externs , researchers , volunteers , all contractors and agency labor ( temporary or permanent ), patient transport personnel , and other persons whose conduct , in the performance of work for Children ’ s Colorado , is under the direct control of Children ’ s Colorado , whether or not they are paid by Children ’ s Colorado .
We all have an obligation to take responsibility for our own conduct and cooperatively work with colleagues to establish consultative and collaborative workplaces where we are happy and proud to work . This Code of Conduct is intended to serve as a guide and reference for you to support your day-to-day decision making ; however , because this document cannot cover all circumstances , should an issue arise , there are additional resources available to help you navigate the situation .
Requesting Guidance / Reporting Ethics and Compliance Concerns / Non-Retaliation
Concerns and questions about how to correctly handle situations frequently arise . When determining if a decision is ethical , we often come across “ gray areas .” In those situations , ask yourself :
• Which option will produce the most good and result in the least harm ?
• Which option best respects the rights of everyone involved ?
• Which option treats people equally ?
• Which option best serves Children ’ s Colorado as an organization ?
• Which option leads me to act as the sort of person I want to be ?
We all have the responsibility to question and promptly report any activity that appears to violate this Code of Conduct or any laws , regulations , or Children ’ s Colorado policies . We are committed to maintaining an environment where open and honest communication is the expectation , not the exception . You may request guidance or report concerns using one of several mechanisms available .
If you have ethical or compliance concerns , you should report them to your immediate supervisor , to the next level of management , or you may contact Human Resources or CaBE ( Compliance and Business Ethics ). If you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to someone at Children ’ s Colorado , you may also report concerns anonymously and / or confidentially to the Compliance Hotline via phone ( 1-866-568-5420 ) or online ( childrenscolorado . alertline . com ).
Children ’ s Colorado has a non-retaliation policy , which means team members may not be disciplined , reprimanded , or retaliated against for reporting a potential problem ( including safety or quality of care concerns ) to appropriate personnel or outside regulatory agencies in an accurate or truthful manner . ( Non-Retaliation in Reporting Misconduct or Variances )