Cauldron Anthology Sphinx - 2 - Page 20

Sorceress Elisabeth Horan 20 lets try a change of pace let’s talk about the sun let’s talk about the flares and arcs let’s talk about Cassandra - the flares and arcs that were her seizures she wore them like a badge she was hunted feared - stop. I see a vision a priest in white she is telling him that his God is Dead; rather, never was - for the earth was born of meteors and star matter while he chants at her in condemnation Cassandra you are an abomination; a conflagration of mortal sins - while a little boy with no eyes asks why me, Cassandra, why? as the earth cracks open to swallow them up and shaking violently I shout: she cannot be trusted, she is a witch - grab her. She will bite off her tongue and feed it to you she