Cauldron Anthology Issue 8: Untold Fortitude cauldronissue8changes - Page 32

The Only Thing to Fear Juliet t e S e bo c k When it rains, my hands stop working; When it gets hotter or colder, and snows, ices over. Instead, they grasp a stuffed toy from a glass box, only to drop it and waste Mom’s quarters. My grandfather’s fingers did too, arthritis wilting the petals of a sonnet. He never writes any more. I need my hands to see the world through my keys or a pen and the back of a hotel napkin. I need them to eat because you can’t get food if you don’t have someone paying to you to see, to write, to read. Someday, they’ll stop working altogether and in the moment they stop, I’ll stop seeing, eating, breathing. 32 Cauldron Anthology