Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 29

Dale Neuringer is a Los Angeles based poet with an international background and an absolutely terrible attitude. She lived for six years in the United Kingdon, in which time her plays were performed in Edinburgh and London. Her poetry is currently making the rounds in the US, she writes mostly about nature, and then also having too many feelings. Also about having too many feelings about nature. Maria Pachowicz is a third-year student of maths and psychology at Trinity College and an avid fan of cats, cocktails, and crime documentaries. She is the social media PRO of her university’s Feminist Society. Twitter: Mary Sims is an 18-year-old poet and writer published in Kingdoms of the Wild, Moon- child Magazine, Mooky Chick, Anti-Heroin Chic, Rising Phoenix Press, Anatolios Magazine, and upcoming in the Poetry Annals. She’s working on her BA in English, and dreams of writing in the mountains with her friends and family close by. Find her on twitter: @ rhymesofblue Chloe Smith is a disabled writer and poet from the UK. She is a Foyle Young Poet of the Year 2015, and her flash fiction has been published in Ellipsis Zine and The Ginger Collect. For more about her writing visit her website: Find her on Twitter: @ch1oewrites Effy Winter is a contemporary romantic poet, provocative by nature. Her work explores eroticism and heartache while portraying the spawning of a carnal hunger for witchery, lust and self-sacrifice. Effy’s first novel, Flowers of the Flesh, is set to be released in Decem- ber 2018. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Rust + Moth, Rose Quartz Journal and other literary publications. You can learn more about Effy and her work at https://www. Twitter: @fleurwomb / Tumblr: Cauldron Anthology 29