Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 23

Muliebrous Dale Neuringer I made you in the image of myself We had nine tails With your fox eyes With your fox scream We were silver like rushing water We were white like grains of rice I shifted, and my breasts became granaries Which in many ways they already had been The granaries became fur became padded feet running History did its best to repaint me in shades of male and we The foxes, we the women, we the guardians of the table Screeched into the night and built Temples, dens Which in many ways we had been building since the dawn of time I like to look down and watch the hair grow on my chest Watch me dip my body into my daily bath of rice The hair slips off like dawn slips off of night’s lap I wish on my jewel and the foxes Come running back Carrying tales of men hiding in the flesh of women Of women who saunter in the bodies of men And worshippers, Always alone in the dusk light Always whispering to my foxes of the foods they want Served to nourish their children I made all of them in the image of myself The roasts, the rice balls, the children, the fathers and mothers, the soups and The foxes, always the foxes Run my silver chariots Run to Los Angeles and tell them about me Run to Kyoto to remind them how far I have come Cauldron Anthology 23