Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 14

Spun Sugar Katherine Nazzaro On the drive home from the movies, Patty tells me about the party she’s not throwing, about the vacation she’s not going on, and I count the minutes until I arrive home. There’s something I’m afraid to say, and I’m trying to tie it for minimum impact. Too early, and we could both be stuck here. Too late and I lose my chance. The movie was about a boy who loves boys, and we both cried at his happy ending. I think about the girls she’s loved, and the boys she’s loved, and none of it makes this any easier. The song changes, and the speakers say love is not a choice. Patty says, Can you believe we got tickets? I love him. The concert is months away, but the GPS warns me ten minutes. The words feel too big for my body and the longer I let them roll around in my head, the bigger they become, the way cotton candy collects spun sugar. I call myself a coward, and concede defeat. Seven minutes left, definitely not enough time. The wrong turn she takes ticks the timer back up to fifteen. 14 Cauldron Anthology