Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 13

When Death Comes for Me Berta Morgan When death comes for me I hope she is a woman; A white-haired woman with laughing blue eyes And skin tanned by years of hiking in the sun. On most days she wears khakis and blue flannel shirts, But for this occasion she has worn purple for me; Flowing, silky purple flowered skirt and soft loose tunic In shades of lilac and lavender. She will wear a wreath of purple pansies with long yellow ribbons Hanging down her back like young girls at the summer solstice. She will bring a wreath for me, too, to celebrate what is to come, Placing it on my head with a smile and a pat on my shoulder. We will turn toward the sea where the sun is nearly setting. She will hold my hand and I will lean my head on her breast And we will watch the ribbons dancing in the ocean breeze. Cauldron Anthology 13