Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 12

Best Friends Don’t Tell Juliette van der Molen Thick amber gold, a hanging plumb line, braid trimmed in a black satin bow. Cool eyes blue like buttons traveling down her spine, our secret shared, keeping lookout for spies. Tumbled deep through a looking glass, undressed beneath a tangle of sleepover sheets. Practice kisses turned real as we lay pressed thigh to thigh, thready breath—tongues sucking sweets. Daylight chases clandestine night. Now settled into too tight shoes, pretending like we never strayed from boys. Solemn vow, broken heart on a chain, best friends—blending. Truth traced in a constellation lit sky, Closed eyes dreaming that I could be your guy. 12 Cauldron Anthology