Cauldron Anthology Issue 6 - LGBTQIA+ Cauldron Anthology LGBTQIA+ - Page 11

The skin of your stomach, slick from exertion, slipped easily past mine as I twisted free from underneath you. We lay, spent, on the soft ground; coated in sand, and the secret pleasure of boys. That night I stretched out beneath the horrid pink canopy and explored my crooked hole with clean fingers. I closed my eyes and wondered if a boy would ever get stuck there. Twelve years later, I found you on a dancefloor. We travelled toward each other, like cowboys. You stared into my mascaraed eyes without recognition, but I knew you instant- ly by your devil’s smile. You pawed me under the electric lights and pressed your slick palms against my back. Somewhere between the sand pile and the disco, you had learned to play with girls. I didn’t tell you I used to be your boyfriend and that I already knew your secrets. We left the dancefloor and rolled like puppies in the sand. I ran my fingers through the grooves of your ribcage while we growled and smacked and panted. You pushed yourself up inside my crooked hole and got seriously, satisfyingly stuck. I twisted my hips and pined you beneath me as you breathed in my sweat and said, “Girl…” Wrong again, buckaroo, you missed my girl phase entirely. Somewhere between the sand pile and the disco, I became a woman. Cauldron Anthology 11