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The Control Room

In this psycho-sexual thriller , Gretchen returns to her hometown in Idaho after the death of a friend , only to find herself embroiled with a mysterious young couple , Leo and Maya , who are temporary caretakers at the local nuclear facility . As identities swirl and confusion mounts , Leo ’ s past behavior , Gretchen ’ s connection to him , and Maya ’ s death wish all come crashing together as their true natures emerge . Will they be able to fulfill their desires , or are they just three people trapped in a control room , hurtling towards their doom ? One thing is certain : THE CONTROL ROOM will leave you panting .
THE CONTROL ROOM is a feature film written by Naomi McDougall Jones and Christian Coulson directed by Catherine Eaton . The film was inspired by the desire to rip open the strangeness of this sexual cultural moment . Having collectively traveled through the # MeToo era , in which establishing clear boundaries has been an absolute necessity to stop so many from criminally abusing and oppressing others , it ’ s now important that we begin investigating the surrounding areas .
Areas where the messy realities of adult human desire - inculcated in part by the patriarchal landscape of our formative years - search desperately to somehow integrate with our modern times . How do we metabolize where we ’ ve come from with where we want to go ? What is sex post-patriarchy ? Can we find freedom by going further into what binds us ?
THE CONTROL ROOM uses the landscape of a psycho-sexual thriller to ask uncomfortable questions about the after-effects of oppressive systems echoing deep within us , even after the perpetrators have been called out .
Who ’ s doing the asking ? Between us , we are gay , straight and queer , cis-male and cisfemale , Scottish , English , Latina , French , American , book readers , film lovers , sexual explorers , deviants , innocents , pagan and pious , activists , pacifists , tree-huggers , Buddhists , Catholics , healers and patients , teachers and students , many-degreed , degreefree , storytellers and side-show hustlers . Collectively and individually , we live public , private and secret lives , as do you . THE CONTROL ROOM speaks to that .
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