Caterpillar Inc Heavy Equipment CSR by GineersNow Engineering GineersNow Engineering Magazine November 2016

WORLD’S FIRST ENGINEERING NEWS FOR YOUNG ENGINEERS NOVEMBER 2016 ISSUE NO. 009 A CLOSER LOOK AT THE MINING INDUSTRY: • How Mining Companies Give Back To Communities • 10 Issues and Trends that Affect the Mining Industry • The Role of Mining in Society • 25 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Gold • Latest Trends in the Mining Industry FEATURE STORIES: • Filipino Electronics Engineer Motivates Future Engineers Through Song • Why Engineering Students Hate Losing Their Calculators • The Six Engineers That We All Have to Deal With • What Lies Ahead for Construction Equipment • The Most Dangerous Engineering Jobs CATERPILLAR INC. A Look At The Company's Social Impact Exclusive Interview with Jean Savage, a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Caterpillar Inc. NOVEMBER 2016 Mining Engineering and Its Importance 1