CATALYST - WINTER 2019 Volume 2 No 1 | Page 11

WINTER 2019 From left: Foundation grantees Zoe Myers, Addison Mickens, Tara Gardner, and Jennifer Exum Lovett at the 2019 South Georgia Nonprofit Network Conference . “We believe our partnership with Healthcare Georgia Foundation gives PSE the opportunity to strengthen rural engagement and ultimately increase the number of resident stakeholders who can become the next generation of health equity leaders who lead the advocacy for improved healthcare resources,” added Parker Goldson. Jessica Dudley, project manager for the LumpkinMatters coalition based in Dahlonega, Georgia, welcomes the assistance. “Having the ambassador will be extremely beneficial to continue to bring in additional resources and community members,” said Dudley. One Cook County Family Connection coalition member says the Community Ambassadors will help in reaching out to underserved populations in their community. “Because we are trying to connect so many diverse groups, the ambassadors will be helpful in making those contacts,” said Jennifer Exum Lovett. The community ambassadors will be an “extra set of eyes, ears, and hands who can help with volunteer recruitment,” said Addison Mickens, project manager for the Coalition for a Healthy Appling County, based in Baxley, Georgia. “Our coalition members have their own jobs and their own families, so the community ambassadors will definitely help amplify our efforts to build new relationships,” said Mickens. “This job has a lot of moving parts. The deeper you get into the work, the more you realize there are always more people to contact and more connections to make.” ◼ For more information on The Two Georgias Initiative, visit our website at ACHIEVING HEALTH EQUITY FOR ALL 11