Catalyst Magazine Volume 1 - Page 27

My heart, my passion and my purpose has never aligned with “PTSD Awareness” or “being there for the Service Member or Veteran”. I “went with it” in the beginning because I wasn’t sure what Battling BARE was.

Now I know.

Battling BARE was a stepping stone.

It was the required first step to get to the point where I was ready, willing and able to step into my own power for myself and the sake of all women—for the sake of my daughters and your daughters.

The transformation that has occurred over the last few years is what I refer to as my own personal metamorphosis.

Just like a butterfly, I fell completely apart—dissolving to goo in many ways—to be reborn and have my life transformed in ways I never could have imagined.

What is most exciting personally is that pain that used to haunt my every waking moment is literally gone. I can remember the trauma, but it’s “fuzzy” around the edges, feels like another lifetime and a completely different person. What is most exciting for others is that, if I can do this for myself, so can you.

That is what The Battle Babe Network is about. Inspiration, guidance and knowledge so that you, too, can experience your own personal metamorphosis and step fully into your power—which includes the courage to be “naked in front of the crowd” vulnerable.

I am very excited to go on this journey with you, fellow Battle Babes—and know that you will be loved, accepted, heard and understood free of judgment in this space.

And I mean that—part of my personal metamorphosis included a 90-day orgasm challenge that I created for myself. I literally used orgasm as a healing release. Crazy but completely true.

I share this to say this:

I don’t care how you heal—I care that you know you can heal, apply that knowledge to your life—even if it means creating a crazy challenge for yourself—and experience your own personal metamorphosis.

It’s our time to rise like the phoenixes we are, Battle Babes.

Love, Light, Laughter and Healing from my heart to yours.


I took this picture at rock bottom. It was a few weeks after filing for divorce. It was when I decided to let all my anger and hurt out. It was when I decided to stop pushing an amazing man away and that I was worthy of far more than lies, affairs, verbal and psychological abuse--posturing of physical abuse ("that man"--not the amazing one--swung at me and shoved me more times than I remember.)

This picture is meant to remind me that rock bottom wasn't my hell. Rock bottom became the place I broke open to my worth, found my determination and will to move on and be happy. When you are broken open on the bedrock of your life, there is no where to go but up, my friends.

Most of all this picture is to remind me in those moments when I am overwhelmed with how far I've yet to go to reach my dreams of how very far I've already come.

This isn't shared as an "aren't I such a bad ass" but rather so YOU see that YES YOU CAN do this too! Xoxoxoxo