CATALYST Issue 3 | Page 13

S Catalyst | Soundbites more technical skills than ever before. And the division between general industry, general employment and technology has completely disappeared. What isn’t technology anymore? So the pressure on organisations to hire, build and create their own technical capability, — to support their own digital transformation — is huge. Second, it’s not enough to be great at technology and technology alone. The tech team no longer sits in a room on their own speaking to machines or to each other. What we need are brilliant technical people who also have the ability to interact with others. What skills does Fujitsu look for in its younger candidates? Empathy, the ability to collaborate, people who can think and work within teams to understand what a piece of technology could achieve. How could it be applied to deliver commercial or societal benefit? We have some great success stories for our industry, not least for our cybersecurity business, which is a key area for most organisations nowadays. How is Fujitsu engaging with young people? We try to bring in young talent because it’s a great way of building for now and for the future and creating a talent pipeline that feels a much greater affinity with the organisation. We feel that we’re invested in them and they’re invested in us. We have an apprentice scheme and a degree apprentice scheme, as well as a graduate programme and have combined the reskilling of existing employees and recruitment o f e x p e r i e n c e d c a n d i d a t e s, with a significant investment in degree apprentices. What skills will you need from young people going forward? We talk a lot about automation; the thing that’s premium today, technology may automate tomorrow. So we need people who can push through that with an enquiring mind and, most importantly, ask “what does it mean?”. Technology is great only if there is a purpose behind it. The people who can make those connections are the ones who are going to find their careers interesting and will also be immensely valuable to their organisations. new technology to automate simple tasks, artificial intelligence is a literal no-brainer. But where is it being used in HR? 24% Analysing compan y policies and practi ces 22% on tomati rce au fo rk o W 17% Corporate compliance and investigations 16% Analysing success of diversity and inclusion programmes 5% Litigation strategy Issue 3 - 2019 13