CATALYST Issue 1 - Page 47

Future Proof Being entrepreneurial: T H E P OWER OF RES I LIENCE Award-winning businesswoman, Alexander Mann Solutions’ Founder and CEO Rosaleen Blair, describes her journey to establish the company and the qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Rosaleen Blair CBE Founder and CEO, Alexander Mann Solutions Rosaleen is a recognised leader and entrepreneur in the talent acquisition and management industry. H aving received a CBE in May, for Services to Business, Alexander Mann Solutions’ Founder and CEO Rosaleen Blair, has no intention of sitting back and contemplating her success. “As an entrepreneur, I’m probably more excited about the sector now than I was even when I started 20 years ago,” she says. “There’s so much opportunity in the world of talent acquisition and management. People are a company’s biggest asset and when you think of the workforce over the years to come, it will change beyond recognition.” The passion and courage that originally propelled Blair, in 1995, from her home in Dublin to London, where she had “no contacts and knew no one” – leading to the launch of Alexander Mann Solutions less than a year later – is still evident. In 2013, she sold the company to private equity firm New Mountain Capital, retaining a significant management stake and remaining as CEO, guiding the organisation’s strategic direction. She stated at the time: “We look forward to extending our global footprint, particularly in North America, deepening our sector expertise and expanding our service offering.” The US is now 20% of Alexander Mann Solutions’ business, and the firm has been enjoying double-digit growth. Armed with a global mindset, it continues to follow a growth agenda, whether getting the best out of Brexit, or exploring the brave new world of artificial Issue 1 - 2017 47