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Talent Centric HOW ALEXANDER MANN SOLUTIONS AMERICAS IS WORKING WITH UNITED SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS (USO) Supporting global citizen efforts and celebrating the contribution of former colleague, Dave Dubay Vietnam veteran Dave Dubay (pictured) inspired the Cleveland team and solidified its support of USO D oing ‘good’ is central to Alexander Mann Solutions, so it was never a question of if, but when, we would start supporting global citizenship efforts. Here in the Americas, we first needed to grow our own personnel so we would be able to support a charity of choice. Senior leaders wanted to focus on using our rich understanding of recruitment – getting the right people into the right roles – to provide genuine value. We knew we could use the same skills in a charitable sense and would be able to provide transitioning troop members moving into a civilian workforce with guidance, support and expertise. We started discussions with the USO, a non-profit built around supporting service members. BRAVERY AS A CORE VALUE Globally, there was initial hesitance regarding our choice to support a military-centric charity. But in the US, we stand behind the men and women serving to protect our freedoms; there is no politics involved in what they do, only bravery. When we reminded colleagues around the world that being “brave” is a core value at Alexander Mann Solutions, the company, as a whole, agreed. Because the USO supports not only transitioning troops, but active military, the families of those who serve, those injured on duty, and families who have lost a loved one in service, partnering with it gave our team members many ways to get involved. “When we reminded our colleagues that being ‘brave’ is a core value, the company, as a whole, agreed” Emily Cassidy Analyst and Sponsor, Americas Global Citizenship, Alexander Mann Solutions interviews with transitioning troops to help them prepare for future civilian interviews. And we’ve partnered with the Northeast Ohio USO centre to provide toys for their ‘Breakfast with Santa’ event. For many team members, this year will be their first chance to support our charity of choice. We set some goals to offer the team support opportunities. • Ongoing support of Hire Heroes USA: recruiting participants to help troops improve interview skills and learn how to present their transferable skills. • Global Citizenship Week 2017: creating fun opportunities in which all staff can participate. • Care packages: sending quarterly care packages to friends and family of our colleagues who are serving overseas, stuffed with treats and letters. A TRIBUTE TO A COLLEAGUE On 10 April 2015, the Cleveland GCSC, and Alexander Mann Solutions, lost our friend and colleague Dave Dubay, a married father of two, USO supporter and a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was an inspiration and solidified our commitment to supporting the USO. The following September, we had an opportunity to honour Dave during our first annual Global Citizenship Week, a week of charitable events in each region to show our teams what we could achieve when we did it together. We collected the money raised during Global Citizenship Week in the Americas, and all the money raised for charity fundraisers, and donated $1,187 to the USO in Dave’s name. INITIAL SUPPORT emily.cassidy@ Our partnership with the USO is still in its infancy, but we have started to place the building blocks for our WORKING TOGETHER future with them. In 2015, we started out with a career Just as we challenge our teams to empower transition workshop between the transitioning troops of Northeast Ohio themselves in their careers for the good of our clients, we ask them to and one of our client support teams. do the same for our charities of choice and communities, providing them We have also built a partnership with fellow USO sponsors Hire Heroes with time and opportunities to give back. To find out how to get involved, USA, where our remote team members can conduct monthly mock staff in the Americas can contact: Issue 1 - 2017 41