Catalyst - FALL 2021 VOL 4 NO 2 - Page 9

our client engagements. At the beginning of a project we take time to really understand the organization and then we work to create a project and deliverables that are of the greatest use to our clients. All of our evaluations and deliverables are tailored to the needs and aim to provide maximum benefit to clients.

Since I was a small child, math and science were my favorite subjects. I realized as a kid that there were MANY people who did not feel the same way and I also saw that as a math tutor in college. As I moved into consulting, I saw how that manifested itself with clients who sometimes saw evaluation as an obligation from a funder as opposed to a tool that could help them and their organization. That is why we use meetings and activities such as data parties to unpack and share the findings in ways that are beneficial to the entire organization.

Have you noticed an evolution or shift in your Evaluation work since the social and racial justice movement of 2020?

I wouldn’t say that its shifted or evolved my work, but it has provided an opportunity to engage in conversations about how and why we do this work. My Ph.D. program was grounded in critical theory. My eyes were opened in so many ways, but mainly because it was the first time that I engaged in conversations about race, social class, and gender and how each play a role in society at large and education specifically. The social and racial justice movement of 2020 was the first time that I engaged in those same types of conversations outside of academia.

The questions we ask, the ways we engage with data, and with participants has always been informed by the education I received and the many ways of knowing and seeing the world.  I am appreciative of the opportunity to share that view and engage in conversations that are sometimes uncomfortable, but a necessity if we are to improve lives in a meaningful and intentional way.

What are you looking forward to the most with TRE Consulting within the next two to three years? What are some things you have on the horizon?

We’re excited to continue partnering with amazing nonprofits and educational entities and opening their eyes to the benefits of evaluation. I have found that individuals sometimes think about evaluation as a checkbox, a requirement that must be fulfilled. We see evaluation as an opportunity to better understand people, programs, and operations and to improve them. I think we have a great team and I look forward to expanding into new arenas and deepening the relationships we have with our existing clients.

What are some things you’re excited to achieve with your recent partnership with the Evaluation Resource Center?

I am excited to support a greater number of health organizations. Previously, we have worked

on a few health related evaluation projects that aimed to reduce the stigmas associated with