Catalyst - Fall 2020 Vol 3 No 1 | Page 9

Overall, how have your patients handled these shifts in normal operations at the Center? I can’t say we were really popular when we made masks mandatory and required social distancing. But it has kept our clients safe and I think they have gained a certain respect for all the precautions we put in place to protect them. None of our residential clients have become ill. Our staff are outstanding and committed to our client’s health and safety. The clients over time have adapted to the changes that have been made. Have you all experienced any bright spots or moments of hope during those difficult times? We have shown an increase in length of stay for our residential clients. Several clients have completed our program and moved to one of our recovery residences or to permanent housing. We have been able to keep all of our FT staff employed. Staff have demonstrated flexibility and resiliency which allowed services to continue and clients to remain in a therapeutic environment for their recovery. Staff project a sense of calm which transfers to clients, promoting their overall wellbeing. We experienced a moment of hope when a mother in our Family Care Program delivered a healthy baby. 9