Catalyst - Fall 2020 Vol 3 No 1 | Page 22

2020 Health Equity Award On August 7th, 2020, Healthcare Georgia Foundation proudly announced the establishment of the Health Equity Award, and celebrated the accomplishments of its inaugural recipient, the Partnership for Southern Equity. This annual award is bestowed upon an organization who best exemplifies the values and principles of health equity. Founded in 2008, the Partnership for Southern Equity has proven to be a force of nature in the pursuit of equity not only for residents of Atlanta, but for all of Georgia. The energy and passion that fuels this organization forward in its mission can also be found individually among its members; from those who hold leadership positions, and all the way through to its volunteers. Throughout its journey thus far, PSE continues to radiate an undeniable charisma that naturally draws interest and engagement from the communities in which it serves. To learn more about the Partnership for Southern Equity and the change they’re bringing to the American South, please watch the video below: 22