Catalyst - Fall 2020 Vol 3 No 1 | Page 19

Let’s talk about your involvement with The Two Georgias Initiative. Has that maybe helped in any way as you all navigate the pandemic? CH: It’s helped us a lot because we are so in tune with the other recipients of this grant. With the monthly calls with the North Georgia recipients, and also our email newsletter with the whole Two Georgias group, they always forward us new information, and we can kind of feed off each other with what everyone is doing in their own individual communities. For instance, last month, there was a food distribution giveaway that they were doing down in Cook county, and they gave us the opportunity to sign up for it, but unfortunately it was already filled up before we got our chance. But it was details like that that let us know we can have the opportunity to have that happen in Hancock because we are in the middle of a food desert that has only have one grocery store with a limited stock. Mrs. Annie Ingram, what has it been like navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping up with all of the work that you all do? AI: Sometimes it gets very stressful; sometimes it’s the best that we can do to do whatever we have to do. For me, being at home has been a little stressful. But with Chambreé’s help and the other ladies that are there, I think we’ve navigated it pretty thoroughly. With their help, the job has been really great, and everything has been getting done that we were trying to get done. Maybe at a slower pace, but with the same enthusiasm and the same energy and the same thoroughness to get it done. 19