CATALYST - FALL 2018 VOL 1 NO 2 - Page 17

CATALYST - SUMMER 2018 FALL 2018 Click on the graphic above to download the 2018 Grantee and Applicant Survey Nearly all organizations reported positive experiences working with the Foundation Grantees were more likely to rate contact with Foundation staff positively than unfunded applicants, but the majority of all respondents agreed that staff members were prompt in responding to inquiries, addressed questions or concerns effectively, and treated organizational staff courteously. Nearly all respondents agreed that the grant applicant process was clear, fair, and easy, although unfunded applicants were more likely to agree than current or past grantees. Respondents provided several suggestions for improving upon the grant application and review processes which are now under consideration including but not limited to:  Improving awareness of the Foundation’s services and supports;  Strengthening our working relationship with applicant and grantee organizations; and further streamlining our procedures for receiving feedback from those who seek Foundation support. To all who participated in the survey, thank you! As we say, “results matter,” and your feedback helps us improve your experience with Healthcare Georgia Foundation.  ADVANCING THE HEALTH OF ALL GEORGIANS 17