CATALYST - FALL 2018 VOL 1 NO 2 - Page 16

CATALYST Healthcare Georgia Foundation: Listening to Grantee and Applicant Organizations a s a learning organization, Healthcare Georgia Foundation strives to continuously improve its grantmaking and management processes to better serve the organizations that apply for and receive grants from the Foundation. The Grantee and Applicant Survey has been conducted six times (2003, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2018) with slight modifications made to reflect organizational changes that occurred at the Foundation. Community Evaluation Solutions was engaged to conduct the latest iteration of the survey. The 2018 100% 16 survey included 32 questions, including several new questions pertaining to areas the Foundation is exploring as part of its current strategic planning process. Most organizations view the Foundation very positively and agree that the Foundation is reaching traditionally underserved communities through its grantmaking, that Foundation activities are accessible to organizations outside metro Atlanta, and that the Foundation continues to offer funding opportunities that address a broad range of health issues and special populations. of respondents agreed that the Foundation’s vision of achieving health equity among Georgians should receive greater attention through financial and technical resources in its grantmaking, capacity building, evaluation, literacy, safety, etc. 93% of all respondents agreed that through existing grantmaking opportunities, the Foundation should support efforts aimed at addressing the social determinants of health such as housing, poverty, transportation, literacy, safety, etc. 69% of all respondents agreed that in addition to its grantmaking strategy, the Foundation should pursue strategic impact investing as a means of achieving improved health outcomes through low interest loans, loan guarantees, letters of credit, etc. 14 HEALTHCARE GEORGIA FOUNDATION