Catalogue's 2014 Bone Couture | Page 2

This collection began with a trip up the West Coast of South Africa to see the flowers bloom. On one of the days we found a tiny, fragile Bokmakierie carcass on the side of the road. After preserving its feathers and skeleton, I began thinking of ways that I could use them in a new range.

Feeling that I needed to offer something more than the Bokmakierie, I went on the hunt for a snake. The Cape Town Snake Park very generously offered me two dead snakes and I chose to add the skeleton of the Albino Sonoran Gopher, a native to West Coast USA, to the range.

Using molding and wax modeling techniques I was able to recreate the origional forms in metal. Adding silver, chain, brass and gold plated components I created this unique range quite different form my previous collections.

Silver Talon Brooch with Watch

Cast Sterling Silver Bokmakierie claw with faceted Onyx drop & nurses watch

*this is a one off piece