Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot on something you’re just going to give away. That’s OK, we’ve got budget-priced options that deliver more bang for your buck. E. G. F. The Roche wireless power bank doubles as a phone stand, or you can use the 3-in-1 cable for wired charging. H. Holt Long Sleeve Tee Verve Vintage Ballcap E. TM17886/TM97886 Women’s style shaped and tailored for a flattering fit / Hanger loop for a door hook / Tagless label for added comfort F. TM32013 UPF 40+ sun protection / Metal buckle closure / Low profile As Low As $ 23.00 [c] Roche Multifunctional Wireless Charging Stand G. 7141-73 Wireless power bank doubles as a phone stand / Comes with separate 3-in-1 cable for wired charging of any type of phone As Low As $ 14.98 [c] As Low As $ 12.58 [c] Garner Knit Full Zip Hoody H. TM18731/TM98731 Interior media pocket and earbud port for music on the move / Thumb exits for easy layering / Added details that take the style up a notch As Low As $ 39.75 [c] 17