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2 | 1-800-723-6403 Discover the natur al choice for gifts and souvenirs Table of Contents 2  Selenite & Crystal Lamps 3  Zen Gardens & Water Fountains 4 - 5 Stoneware & Candles 6 - 7  Himalayan Salt Products 8 - 9  Spa, Wellness & Aromatherapy 10 - 11  Windchimes, Bells & Affirmation Banners 12  Singing Bowls and Tibetan Products 13  Japa Mala / Prayer Beads & Meditation Pillows 14 Buddha Figures 15  Inspiration from India & Resin Incense 16 - 17 Incense & Burners 18 - 19 Brazilian Agate 20 Stone Souvenirs 21  Wood & Animal Souvenirs 22  Canadian Inspired Souvenirs 23  Smudging & Medicine Bags Another great year has gone by and another one begins anew. We are all looking forward to serving you with renewed vigor and some new faces on board here at Nature’s Expression. With your support, business continues to grow and our product lines are expanding. For example, during the annual buying trip to the north and south of Brazil I was able to acquire a large lot of amethyst tables, many more amethyst geodes, a quantity of large natural quartz points, many sizes of quartz clusters, and a lots of rose amethyst standing specimens. Some of these items are difficult to obtain as the entire town is occasionally sold out due Asian buyers supplying an insatiable demand. Nevertheless, we still have our contacts who support us in selecting the best specimens at fair prices. Supplies from other countries such as Bali, Pakistan, Morocco, China and India are also expanding. These include a selection of smaller banners, heart shaped and rectangular slate chalkboards for all those quick notes to self, new khambadia meditation pillows, our own line of Zenature® essential oils, more cow bell chimes, oil heaters and child monk Zen Gardens. Along with our wood whistles and slingshots carved in Canadian animals we are including key hooks. NEW Our jewellery and pendulums continue to be top sellers. We have some new mood string bracelets primarily for the kids. A line of natural rough stone pendants is also presented in our new catalogue. 24  Totem Spirit Animals, Dreamcatchers & Arrowheads 25  Canadian Inspired Stone & Mining Souvenirs 6 - 27 Amethyst Gifts 2 2 8 - 29  Rocks, Minerals & Fossils 30 - 31  Discovery Toys & Clever Gifts 32 Dinosaur Dig-it-Outs 33  Marine Fossils & Shells 3 4 - 35 Tumbled Stones 6 - 37 Unique Stone Gifts 3 3 8 - 39  Rings, Bracelets & Necklaces 40- 41 Pendants & Chains 42 Pendulums 43 Chakra Kits & Gifts 44 Heart Keepsakes 45 Angels & Auras 4 6 - 47  Metaphysical Minerals & Crystals 48  Mineral & Crystal Specialty Items FR New Items  |  This symbol marks our latest additions. Availability  |  Products shown are based on availability at the time of printing. Some products may become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll help you choose a suitable replacement or notify you when items become available. Product sourcing and new arrivals are ongoing throughout the year, if you 're looking for something you don’t see, please inquire. We continue to strive to be your first choice for natural gifts, and souvenirs. We may be imitated but no one can duplicate our friendly sales staff and great customer service as well as our unique, refreshing line of gifts, souvenirs and healing products. Enjoy the 2015 catalogue as you work with our knowledgeable sales staff. We wish you a prosperous and happy 2015. Fr ançais | Nous ne ménageons pas nos efforts pour répondre à tous vos besoins commerciaux, en vous fournissant notamment des NEW emballages et des présentoirs dans les deux langues officielles, voire en français seulement! Recherchez ce symbole pour trouver des produits avec des options français. Rappelez-vous, beaucoup de nos produits ne ont pas besoin de traduction. Greg Stump, ceo Selenite Mountain Lamps QAI certif  ed to i CSA Standards Selenite Mini Mountains LPRQ Selenite is a form of gypsum with an obvious crystalline structure. Naturally formed into iceberg or mountain shapes, our mini mountains from Morocco are the perfect desk accessory or decor accent to create a winter wonderland. They are ideal for meditation and spiritual work. NEW LPAD Crystal Lamps NEW A simple elegant lamp that will become a focal point in any room. Lit from within, these natural amethyst cluster and rose quartz crystal lamps from Brazil emit a soft light that warms the spirit. Includes a cord and bulb. Other sizes available, contact for availability. NEW Naturally formed into iceberg or mountain shapes, these lamps from Morocco are the perfect decor accent. When lit from inside they show off all the intricate formations of this breathtaking mineral. Their beautiful white glow compliments almost any setting. Selenite is a form of fibrous and crystallized gypsum. It invokes clarity of mind and expanding awareness. Note: height is approximate for these natural lamps. LPSXX: XXL (40 - 45 cm tall) Cord and light included. FR FR QAI certif  ed to i CSA SEML: 15 cm tall LD1SB: LED Display Standards SEMM: 10 cm tall LPSES 20 cm tall LPSEM 25 cm tall LPSEL 30 cm tall FR LPSXL 35 cm tall FR