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Filipinas País Invitado de Honor | Philippines Spotlight Country N F I L I P I A S colonialism, violence, social injustice - auteurs such as Mario Cornejo, Kahvn De La Cruz and Brillante Mendoza have chan- neled this impulse through imagination and creativity and have made films of immense value to the world from their most personal perspective. On this occasion, there is also a short film program, thanks to the Archipelagic Shorts festival. It is a space for artistic pro- motion of cultural diversity that constitutes one of the great- est riches of the Philippines. Also present is important media chain ABS-CBN. As a celebration of the currents and exchanges that have united our two nations for several hundred years, GIFF con- siders it an honor to put before the eyes of our state and the world the greatness of Filipino cinema, its artistic tradition and all that it has to offer humanity. The Philippines and Mexico are sister nations that began to interact several centuries ago, thanks to the trade and cultur- al ties we share as part of what was once Spanish colonialism. The Catholic faith, migration, a fierce spirit of independence and a vindication of local values are elements that make these two cultures a mirror where they can recognize their own wealth. With different programs that offer us an extensive view of the vagaries of their cinema, the Festival presents the best from the Philippines. Great classics of Filipino culture and cinema are present, such as Kidlat Tahimik, Fernando Poe Jr., Lino Brocka and Lamberto Avellana. Our Spotlight Coun- try selection also offers a sample of the decisive moment through which Filipino cinema is going through. Heir to the obsessions of their great masters - conflicts of identity, war, 5