Casa London Magazine #4 // The Beermanac Vol.1 // June-July 2017 | Page 42

Barncat Artisan Ales

1600 Industrial Road - Unit B5 Cambridge, ON

Tucked away in an Industrial building in Cambridge, Barncat Artisan Ales is a must see! They are a great example of what two home brewers can do with just a little inspiration, a passion for flavour, and a desire to keep it simple.

Both owners have a home brewing background, trading homebrews and entering contests - in 2011 they were runners up in a well known homebrew contest. The pair  pull inspiration from a few great American breweries, such as Tired Hands near Philadelphia, PA. They are content with being a small operation, it gives them freedom to constantly innovate and create new beers with no real flagships. Don’t be afraid by the haziness you might see in their beers, as I find this to be a delicious, trademark of Barncat’s Ales. I love that murkiness and unfiltered appearance of haze in a beer, especially in the light, it’s picturesque … just look at their Instagram account! From Pale hoppy beers, stouts, and porters, to funky brett and sour styles, they have an incredibly diverse selection. And don’t expect the same beers on tap week after week, Small batch production is all about variety and experimentation, and for beer lovers, that's a good thing. To me it feels like a  treasure hunt! What will i discover this week? Did I miss the one off special? Can I grab enough to share with friends? Are all questions that come to mind when I visit these types of breweries and I love it!

Larry IPA is one of the great beers they create, and besides sharing the same name of a craft beer loving friend from out west, it is a real treat on the palate! With a creamy smooth start, as the hops and fruitiness kick in, and a fresh, pine like finish. It’s a beautifully crafted  IPA, and I can see some of their east coast American influence in this one.

If you have the time to visit, you will be greeted by either Jeremy or Matt, the joint owners and operators of the brewery. We know by now that Craft Breweries can come in all sizes and styles, and I love it . I can’t help but love the fact that you always get the chance to thank them in person for creating such fantastic beer. Along with them putting up with my excitement, beer chat, and questions during my visits, I also admire all their hard work, and believe it is paying off.

They are getting their barrel game started - by game I just mean the fun and excitement that comes with barrel aging - but I have no doubts that they will continue to produce winners with their beers.

Barncat’s beers are sold in growlers, since it is kinder to the environment and encourages people to drink fresher beer - you can even occasionally find 650ml bottles in their lineup. They save the bottled for certain brews that are encouraged to be aged or won’t lose flavour if you do… if you have enough restraint to wait that is!

Stay tuned to Barncat’s social media to know what is pouring each week and see the glorious pictures of their beers on Instagram. This is the perfect brewery to hit up between stops as they don’t have food or a taproom, but they are ready to hook you up with fresh beer to enjoy in the scenery of your choice. However, their hours are limited to the weekend Friday 5-8, Saturday 12-4 so plan accordingly or you will be crying into someone else’s beer.




Twitter: @barncatales  

Hours:  Friday 5-8, Saturday 12-4