Casa London Magazine #4 // The Beermanac Vol.1 // June-July 2017 | Page 30

Lake of Bays

2681 Muskoka Rd. 117, Baysville, ON

(705) 767-2313

I picked the  perfect day to stop by Lake of Bays Brewing Company, the outdoor beer garden was bathed in sunshine and calling our names, while the friendly service and new release beers could keep you there all day. As I took a moment to soak it all in, I could imagine just  how  cozy it could be on a snowy Canadian winters day;  inside you’ll be greeted to a bubbling small town atmosphere, a wood-lined tap room like a forest cabin, and  plenty of windows to let in the view of this cute little town.  

As we grabbed a sample of one of the new releases, Broken Axe APA, to sip on, we were whisked away to the brewery in the back and chatted about Lake of Bays and how they have gotten to where they are today.    

Whisked away seems appropriate, as I felt somewhat like i was in a storybook … an adult one with a grain silo, fermenters & good beer.

Much like many other breweries, the Lake of Bays story was born out of a passion for homebrewing, with the family soon moving to a new house in Baysville that, quite conveniently, was the perfect space for a brewery. Owner Darren is surrounded by a hard working staff that has grown to 35 since their humble beginnings, that includes Darren’s father, Ian, who gave us the tour and proudly pours the beer behind the bar with a smile.   I missed being graced with the presence of their head brewer Dan Unkerskov, but if you are there and spot a man with the a big grin, circle glasses and hands down the best moustache I have ever seen, that’s Dan!  If you are lucky enough to grab a moment of his time, take it and chat a bit about beer, life or anything that comes about.  I have only met him once before, but he has stuck in my mind as one of the friendliest brewers I know!