Casa London Magazine #4 // The Beermanac Vol.1 // June-July 2017 | Page 26

Mash Paddle Brewing Co.

111 Sherwood Drive Unit 3A, Brantford, ON

(289) 253-8157

 Located in a funky section of Brantford, ON, Mash Paddle Brewing has settled in nicely in their space in the Artisans' Village, a rejuvenated historic factory. Teddy, Mash Paddle’s owner, has gone from mashing in on his stove top to running the brewery with his now ever growing team. They are open solely on Saturdays, so you are sure to be amongst a crowd of beer enthusiasts as you listen to the vinyl playing and goblet of beer in your hand.

 Named after a classic piece of brewing equipment that is used to mash in the grains, everything about the brewery was meticulously planned from the very beginning. Now equipped with a  seven barrel brewhouse, head brewer Matty is brewing up a storm to keep up with local demand. They are keen to let the business grow organically and focus on high quality brewing, rather than marketing gimmicks.

 His business model draws inspiration from Beau’s and Bellwoods.  Beau’s gave him the courage to open his brewery where he wanted, trusting that people would come to him if he brewed quality beer, and they certainly have! Bellwoods has that whole supply and demand tactic down pat which Teddy has also found the groove of.

 His lineup of beers is growing quickly and, in addition to his Unnamed Pale Ale, Dutchman’s Alt, St. Christopher's Stout and New Girlfriend IPA, they have just unveiled their latest creation, the Citranetti Bengal Session IPA. It is my favourite of his yet and a great beer to session on while playing their shuffleboard or lounging on their newly added patio, though the St. Christopher's Stout comes a close second. With aromas of fruit salad and the Citra Hops coming through we dive into a mild but delicious beer with a lovely balance of citrus and bitter right the way through. I would love to see this cranked up to an IPA version, maybe even with more late addition hops to take the aroma over the top.