Casa London Magazine #4 // The Beermanac Vol.1 // June-July 2017 | Page 22

Bell City Brewing Co

51 Woodyatt Dr Brantford, ON

(519) 900-6204

 Brantford’s first step into the craft beer market came when Bell City Brewing opened in 2015. They had been contract brewing prior to opening their brewery, but now they have a place to invite you over for a pint, some conversation, and a bit of tomfoolery. My favourite part about Bell City is their experimental nature and real go get it approach, but the humour and friendliness of the staff doesn’t hurt either.

 Dennis and Muthu are co-owners and, though they have quite opposite personalities they each bring a rich history in beer to the table. Dennis is a creative and passionate beer lover, with a rich knowledge of the beer packaging history, whilst Muthu is pure brewing brains and one of the most humble brewers that I have met. They met when they used to work at a macrobrewery, with not agreeing how things are done there on many levels they quit and joined forces to now to be a part of the Craft Beer industry (microbrewery).


Kevin is their well known front of house Englishman, though we still question whether the accent is genuine, he is always a smiling face to enjoy conversation with as he is obsessed with podcasts and he will likely have some “useful” information to share with you over a pint or four.