Carp Angler Magazine CAM, Carpoholic Anonymous Issue 33, January 2017 - Page 2

2 The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. John Buchan Read more at: 05 page 08 page Katie Pelky Zero to Forty in 12 months Brian Wingard trakker XL Gravity Barrow The overnight bite produced a new PB for Katie. Her first “30”. A stunning 31 lbs. 6 oz. common. As our season is coming to an end, I slowly see the ice forming on the lakes around me and anticipation for spring is always on my mind. Often I take things for granted... 12 13 page page Barry Driver Toys for Tot’s Jeff Skelton trakker NXG Bait Bag When Hannah and myself reached out to Toys For Tots we had no idea how much support and enjoy- ment we would A recent addition to my carp- ing luggage is the Trakker NXG Bait Bag. It is designed to house and carry “fresh to freeze” 14 16 page page Phil Nathan Rig Kicks George Baird Kevin Tharp Pay Lake Corner Late 1970’s and the ear- ly 1980’s…..entrepreneur- ial times in the carp fishing world. The River Darent Val- ley, length 21 miles,... Fishing Ace lakes here in Indi- anapolis a cold morning in De- cember. Throwing trout chow with prepared Kix. A couple of drops of desired ... 17 page 19 page Camo Chef Larry Nowickie Bankside Wings David Gatto Hudson River Clinch River in Ten- nessee back in April. He brought a newer angler with him, Aaron. We spent 2 days fishing... We all have that place on the river bank that we call home; a place we can go to get a few fish on the banks, almost guar- anteed, and get that