Carla's Story - Page 8

The burden of their possibilities Despite the kick-in-the-gut that came with a After having her possible Parkinson’s diagnosis, Carla still had walk down the hall some hope. The neurologist didn’t want to solidify to look at things the diagnosis because he didn’t treat many like swinging Parkinson’s patients and, given her young age, he arms, after running really encouraged her to seek an opinion from a more tests and Parkinson’s specialist in a nearby city. So, it wasn’t after reviewing for sure, yet. He must have some doubts or he medical records, Dr. would have been more definitive, right? Seeberger sat down Up to this point no one but Carla and Pat were sharing in the burden of their possibilities. A NEW ROAD TOGETHER So, this is the history of how Patrick and Carla came to Denver to see Lauren Seeberger, MD, who Carla recalls as being really great at breaking terrible news to patients. (Maybe for the good of mankind I can track her down and bottle that bedside manner.) SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 beside Carla and shared with her, definitively and for the first time, that she did indeed have Parkinson’s disease. The only redeeming things I can glean from Carla about this day was the great compassion of this physician and the great strength she was able to draw from Pat who was there with her, ready to help her decide what they, together, would do to battle this disease. -6-