Carla's Story - Page 6

Who knew SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 From what I can gather, besides her husband other symptoms started getting worse with Patrick, no one else knew much about what time. The medicine wasn’t really working as was going on in those early stages. Basically, it well as it did initially—a frustration she shared wasn’t a big deal. Essential tremors controlled with her doctor. She found a note she told me with meds. No biggie. I am sure the reason she about from 2002 that said the shaking was didn’t immediately share her story was that she getting worse. didn’t want to worry anyone—most especially her parents, their teenage kids Stephen and Alicia or their tight-knit group of friends. Her doctor listened to her concerns and decided it was time for her to see a specialist, a neurologist. But in the great and continuing disappointment that is Parkinson’s, the tremors and 2002 was the year of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Alaska along the Denali fault. That same y e a r, t h e t h i n g t h a t ro c k e d C a r l a ’s world was much closer to home. -4-