Carla's Story - Page 5

I t ’s t h e little things SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 Putting her wallet back in her purse. That one her daughter, Alicia, noticed. It was simple things mostly. At least at first. Eventually, the movement quirks were beginning to bug her so she mentioned them to her regular doctor who ran some simple motor tests. Hold your hands straight out and steady. Things like that. The result of that visit was a diagnosis of essential tremors. What does that even mean? Are there She doesn’t remember exactly when it all started but she was maybe around 40. Looking back, some little things were tending to take more effort than they should. Exiting the car. non-essential tremors? If Parkinson’s was a possibility, it was mentioned only in passing by the doc and dismissed as ridiculous for someone so young. The good news was that she left with a prescription that promised Brushing her teeth. to ease the day-to-day mundane movements she Washing her hair. missed not thinking about. -3-