Carla's Story - Page 4

Best buds SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 We were an unlikely pair from the start. I was Boys came and went but we spent more time gregarious; she was more measured in her together than I spent with all my “boyfriends” manner. She was feisty too. Quiet, but feisty. combined. We saw movies, shared ice cream sundaes at Denny’s and attended countless school She always had (and still has) a quick tongue events together. Even at the 10th grade Sadie and a dry sense of humor. We enjoyed laughing Hawkins dance, we started and ended the evening together—mostly at ourselves. together—and I can’t for the life of me remember It is a sport that continues to this day. who our dates were. The common thread through high school After high school, we picked different colleges was days spent in the fine art of talking about to attend at opposite ends of the state. We got boys. (Notice I didn’t say talking with boys. We together on breaks but our lives began to form participated in the dating scene mostly from afar.) in new directions that were more separate than Despite both of our love interests, we were, together. Still, we were both there for each other’s truth be told, mostly dating each other wedding; Carla to Pat at the tender age of 20 and throughout high school. me to Eric just a couple of years later. We were an unlikely pair from the start -2-